Social Gatherings

Social Gatherings

Our chapter members like to spend time with one another, and there are social components to many of our gatherings. For example, our December meeting is held each year at Mary Wunder’s home. After a very brief meeting, we take advantage of a wonderful buffet pot-luck dinner, after which we hold an auction, proceeds of which benefit our chapter scholarships.

As friendships develop in the chapter, many members attend activities together, such as FAA/AOPA seminars, airshows, and even weddings and funerals. Many of us travel and room together as we attend out of state events, where we get to know each other “up close and personal!”

Our chapter is also privileged to have the support of many husbands/significant others/family members/friends who regularly contribute, in a number of different ways, to the successful operations of our chapter events. We call these individuals “49 ½ members”, and we are lucky to have them as a support team! 


Dinner celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Ninety-Nines in 2019.