The Theresa Dellaquila Scholarship

Who was Theresa Dellaquila?

Theresa Dellaquila learned to fly at Northeast Philadelphia airport, and joined The Ninety-nines soon afterwards. She quickly earned her instrument rating, and then turned her interest to flying helicopters.

Theresa and her partner, Drew, traveled to air shows and on trips meeting new and old aviation friends wherever they went; and she quickly became an integral part of the local aviation community.

Because of her never flagging enthusiasm for aviation and her ever-inquiring mind, she quickly became an ambassador of our Chapter and of the entire organization of The 99s. Her short time with The 99s brought her hundreds of new friends. She called us her “sisters”.

Although she became very sad as she realized she was losing the battle against breast cancer, Theresa did not bemoan her problems. She stated her situation very matter-of-factly and became quite philosophical. As we struggled through her illness with her, she viewed every bit of help we could give as a special gift from each person giving it.Theresa wrote a goodbye note to our chapter, telling us: “Take deep breaths and celebrate life with good friends, that is my idea of happiness.”

Theresa passed away at age 42 on March 8, 2007. It was our very great honor to know Theresa. She set an example for us all, to follow our passion and to do our very best, whatever the situation.