The Louise Sacchi Scholarship

Who was Louise Sacchi?

Louise Sacchi learned to fly in 1939. By 1940 she was a flight and ground instructor. She was the first woman to do many things including: teaching Advanced Navigation to the RAF at the #1 British Flying Training School in Texas; and working as a run-up mechanic at Newark Airport after completing her mechanic course at Casey Jones School of Aeronautics. By 1945 she was working as a mechanic and engineering assistant for what is now Mobil doing fuel testing for the Navy.

After WWII Louise became Manager and Chief Pilot of a seaplane base in New Jersey. She earned her Airline Transport Rating, and in 1962 she flew her Bonanza to Europe to become Manager and Chief Pilot of an overseas ferry company. Three years later she began Sacchi Air Ferry Enterprises as the first and only woman international ferry pilot at that time. By 1968 Louise had made her 100th ocean crossing and was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by Beechcraft Aircraft Co.

Louise received numerous awards, both national and international in addition to setting a speed record from New York to London for a Single engine land plane, and 340 ocean crossings. She authored two books, Ocean Flying and The Happy Commuter, before she passed away in 1997.

Louise had a life-long love of aviation, adventure, and public service.