Benefits of International Membership include:

  • Annual International Conference
  • Membership Directory
  • Subscription to the 99NEWS Magazine
  • Eligibility for Scholarships and Grants
  • Friendship and camaraderie with other women pilots
  • Local Aviation Services and Support
  • Professional and Educational Resources
  • Networking
  • Apply now:
  • Benefits you will also receive as an Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter Member include:
  • Opportunity to attend monthly meetings held across the region
  • Minutes from those meetings
  • Access to GoogleGroups email group
  • Monthly Flight Lines Newsletters
  • Access to Chapter Scholarships

Student Pilot Member Program

Too often, learning to fly is a solitary effort. You think “Has anyone else ever experienced the same problems I’m now facing?” The answer is YES. “Will I ever do this maneuver right?” The answer is YES. “I wish I could talk to other women who have gone through this.” YOU CAN.

Go to: for more information and scholarships available to student pilots.

With The Ninety-Nines, you are in the company of friends. You receive understanding, encouragement and strength. You can participate in 99s sponsored flying activities, aviation education, and community service. So join The Ninety-Nines and truly understand the magic and camaraderie of women pilots!