Pennies-A-Pound Rides will be given again next year. Check this page around March, 2019 for dates and location.

The tradition of pilots giving airplane rides to the public for just a penny per pound of a passenger’s weight started in the 1920s.  Many aviation groups today provide pennies-a-pound airplane rides to members of the community to entice their passengers to consider exploring or supporting the world of aviation (although prices have increased since the 1-cent-per-ride events held in the 1920s)!  The Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of The Ninety-Nines is proud to continue this tradition as a way to exemplify the role of women in aviation, instill in passengers an appreciation for the wonders of flight, and demonstrate to the community a respect for working together to further the cause of general aviation.  The funds raised at these events are directed towards our chapter’s aviation scholarships offered to women in the Delaware Valley. Learn more about the history of Pennies-A-Pound events.